Common Errors and Checklist

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Zoho Checklist
  • While using Zoho API makes sure that the domain is always instead of
  • Always reuse the auth token, Auth token is available in the DB with timestamp.
  • Keep the auth scopes for the self-client, if required add to existing scopes. Existing applications are reading this scope.
EKM Checklist
  • Use EKM API only to read data
  • Avoid data write / edit / update using EKM API as their API is poorly implemented and would overwrite or empty the data
  • Although EKM claims that the update fields are optional, it clears all the fields on an update, hence its best to fetch the complete record using API ==> modify and post pack the modified complete record.
  • Implement 1-second delay between consecutive API calls, if called in a Loop always use --> "try catch redo" with a forced delay of 1 second.